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Tote all your gear to and from the pitch with the Nike Brasilia 4 Small Duffle, a medium-sized bag outfitted with multiple pockets and designed to be customized.

  • Zippered main compartment for easy access to contents
  • Interior hanging small items pocket securely stores personal items
  • Carry handles
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap for added comfort
  • ID label offers a personalization option
  • Blank side panel can be customized with club logo
  • Screen-printed Swoosh design trademark
  • DIMENSIONS: 21\” x 10.5\” x 10.5\”
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wholesale nfl jerseys I\’m through the first two books and will start the third here soon. I\’ve seen the tv show and have still enjoyed them quite a bit. The first book is mostly the same as the tv show with only subtle differences wholesale football jersey (character ages, character descriptions aren\’t quite the same as the show) wholesale nfl jerseys.

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